Happy Halloween ASDA- Rachel Bryant ’21, ASDA Chapter President

Some argue that Christmas or Thanksgiving is the best holiday, but I have to respectfully disagree. Hands down it is Halloween. Some believe in the stereotype that dentists are supposed to hate Halloween because of the increased volume of sugary treat consumption. As a dentist-to-be, I can put that stereotype to rest and assure you I will never be the house that passes out toothbrushes or raisins. After all, I don’t want my house to be egged. Interestingly enough, the ADA rates Halloween candy based on how bad it is for your teeth. Any guesses on what candy is the least bad for your oral health? It’s chocolate! So, while you are chowing down on your Halloween chocolate this year, do so guilt free. The ADA says so! Unfortunately, sticky and hard candies are rated as the worst for your teeth. This is bad news for me because my favorite candy is a frozen Twix bar. 

As Halloween approaches this year, I am still pondering what I am going to dress up as. This is like every other year, where I wait until the last minute to decide. Of course, I like to make my costumes, which adds an extra layer of stress with the time crunch but makes the costume that much more fun. There is a small point of pride when I can make my costume super inexpensive, yet creative. One trip to Goodwill, the dollar store, and an occasional Hobby Lobby splurge and I am set. 

Here at Midwestern, it is a tradition to get your Halloween picture taken by Tom, our sim lab manager and Dexter guru. He will take your costume to a whole new level with his photoshopping abilities. 

Paige Davis, Rachel Bryant, Al the gator, Shannon Bischoff, and Macie Kerr 

I can’t wait to see everyone posting their Halloween costumes on social media.

Happy Halloween ASDA! 

– Rachel Bryant ’21, ASDA Chapter President 

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