Non-traditional Spotlight – Casey Bowen ’21

Prior to my dental school quest, I was a quality control tester for construction materials for 13 years (seasons). It was a manual labor job that included repetitive testing of aggregate materials of various sizes and quality for asphalt products throughout the stages of production. Quality control testing was a fun job that saved my employer thousands if not millions by carefully and quickly examining products and tuning them to the proper specifications. This usually meant working 60 – 80+ hours per normal week and being assigned to multiple airport and many of the major highways paving projects statewide.  This job utilized my skills and in turn our team gained countless quality bonuses and awards all over the state of Alaska. 

However, the wear and tear on my body and the social environment that I was putting myself in were not conducive to raising a family. In 2011 my wife and I decided to go to college to gain an education that would allow me to spend more time with my future family and earn a decent living. After completing my degree in Animal and Veterinary Science and finding out that I was allergic to many of the animals I intended to work on, I quickly changed focus to becoming a dentist and haven’t looked back. My journey has not been the most direct path, but many of the skills and talents gained have increased my ability to perform dentistry and appreciate the road to my own success. 

– Casey Bowen, Midwestern Class of 2021

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