A Look Back – ASDA Leadership

What was one of your worst days in school/SIM/clinic that you’re able to laugh about now?

“One day in sim, we were working on natural molars that required us to mount it in our typodonts in the correct position. Of course, I accidentally mounted my molar backwards. I remember feeling embarrassed, especially when my bench faculty had realized my silly mistake. Thankfully, the teeth we work on now are already “mounted” in the patient correctly!” – Rachel Bryant

“As a D1, dental school has been great so far! I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many people that are also following their dreams.” – Sophia Taghavi

“First day of drilling, couldn’t do it. But it soon got much easier.” – Carl Prince

“Our first day making provisionals for a #7 emax crown prep and finally making a good one after 16 attempts and many tears later.” – Maileen Phoeung

“When we started using indirect vision for maxillary class I preps on #14, HA HA HA, those were not pretty at first. And definitely made me feel a little cross-eyed. ” – Siri Vasireddy

“The day we made stone models first year was probably my worst day in sim. My first model had bubbles so I had to redo it, then on my next one I chipped the front teeth with the grinding wheel, so I did a third one. Once I finished my third one, I asked an instructor for help separating it and it got cracked in half. Then when I was about to start on a fourth try a different instructor told me it would be fine to just super glue the model back together since it was a clean break, and then he added “your first model is fine for the purpose of this activity.” By this time the day was over so I went home, vented to my mom and slept until the next day. The good thing that came from it was now I have enough models to work with for multiple projects! And I got a ton of practice.” – Mikaela Weedman

“Our first day drilling in SIM. I remember feeling like it was so foreign and that I would never be able to accomplish a prep. Looking back on it now, all of the frustration was a part of the process.” – Amanda Tran

“I thoroughly enjoy school, I have not really had any bad days yet. Just tired days.” – Kari Zins

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